Review Guidelines

  1. Questions related to the availability to review = Answered immediately (time given to answer no more than 7 days)
  2. Download the manuscript from the author in the review step 3 above (Click on the active link). Then you can go out and work offline. (Time is due to review at most + 1 month) Results of corrections from the word file (track change) can be uploaded by logging in at a later time and continuing the 3 steps available, namely:
  3. Please fill in the review form on the 4th review step above
  4. Upload the correction file (After selecting the file on the computer, don't forget to click upload) in the review step 5 above
  5. Select the approved one (click the reverse triangle) in the 6th review step above. Finally, click Submit review for Editor (email notification to editor when review is complete)

Policy review Ganaya: Jurnal Ilmu Sosial dan Humaniora :

  1. Each text will be reviewed by two people rewiewer.
  2. The reviewer does not know the identity of the writer, and the author also does not know the identity of the reviewer (blind reviewer).
  3. The review process will consider new things, objectivity, methods, scientific thought, conclusions, and references.