About the Journal

Metta : Jurnal Ilmu Multidisiplin is a multidisciplinary journal published by Jayapangus Press. Metta : Jurnal Ilmu Multidisiplin is published quarterly (March, June, September, December) is a peer reviewed, open access, scientific and scholarly journal which publishes research papers, review papers, case reports, case studies, books review, thesis, dissertation works, etc.

This journal is dedicated to explore and socialize many creative and innovative thought who focus in:

  1. Humanities: Art, History, Languages, Literature, Music, Philosophy, Religion, Theater, etc.
  2. Social Science: Geography, Sociology, Education, Political Science, Law, Policy, Social Review, Arts, History, Philosophy, Anthropology
  3. Management: Commerce, Economics, Finance, Accounting, Corporate Governance, Human Resources Management, Marketing Management, Quality Management Training and Development
  4. Engineering: Information Technology, Computer Application, Civil Engineering, Machanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Physics
  5. Medical Science: Medicine, Health, Nursing, Clinical Research, Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical, Pharmacognosy, Pharmacology, Phytochemistry
  6. Biology: Botany, Bioscience, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Clinical Biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Agriculture, Chemistry, Environment and Ecology, Food Science, Nutrition, Plant Science, Entomology, Zoology, Fisheries
  7. Physical Education: Sports, Yoga, Physiotherapy, Physiology, Exercise, Health

Metta : Jurnal Ilmu Multidisiplin published Quarterly (March, June, September, December). Each issue has a maximum of 20 articles.