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It seems to be necessary to develop Higher Order Thinking Skills from the early-ages, especially for students which are integrated in the learning process. This study is a kind of library research. The result of this study showed is the advancement of HOTS can be done through an open-ended approach. The open-ended approach is able to stimulate the students in getting used to think critically, logically, creatively, collusively, argumentating, until decision making in the form of problem solving which contains analyzing, evaluating, and creating activities.&nbsp;Thus, the open-ended approach is well done in the learning process that can support the development of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS)</p> I Wayan Januariawan I Komang Wisnu Budi Wijaya Ni Kadek Supadmini Diah Nirmala Dewi Copyright (c) 2020-06-25 2020-06-25 3 2 125 140 10.37329/cetta.v3i2.444 Penerapan Model Pembelajaran Berbasis Masalah Untuk Meningkatkan Aktivitas Dan Hasil Belajar Siswa http://jayapanguspress.penerbit.org/index.php/cetta/article/view/446 <p><em>This study aims to improve the activities and student learning outcomes of Class IX-G SMP Negeri 5 Amlapura Semester I Academic Year 2018/2019.&nbsp; The subjects in this study were 22 st grade students, amounting to 22 people;&nbsp; consisting of 8 male students;&nbsp; and 14 female students, in the first semester of the 2018/2019 school year.&nbsp; This study uses a class action research design through two stages.&nbsp; Student learning activity data is collected by observation sheets, and learning outcome data is collected by multiple choice tests.&nbsp; Both types of data were analyzed by quantitative descriptive methods.&nbsp; Before the two stages are carried out, the initial observation activities are conducted by the students' learning activities, and analyzing the questions of UTS Indonesian Language Class IX semester I of academic year 2018/2019.&nbsp; The activity was carried out to determine the level of initial activity and student learning outcomes before the implementation of the Problem Based Learning model.&nbsp; The results of this study indicate that the application of the Problem Based Learning design can increase learning activities and Indonesian language learning outcomes of Class IX-G SMP Negeri 5 Amlapura semester I of 2018/2019, namely in the initial observation of low student learning activities, increasing&nbsp; from an average of 59,77 and completeness 13,63% in the first stage, in the second stage the average student learning activity was 81.25 and the completeness level was 86,36%.&nbsp; While student learning outcomes increased from an average of 68,18, absorbency of 68,18%, and classical completeness level of 50,00% at initial reflection, increased to an average of 69,09, absorptive capacity of 69,09%, and the level&nbsp; classical completeness was 59,09% in stage I. In stage II it increased to an average of 77,27, absorbency 77,27%, and classical completeness rate 90,91%. Based on these results the researchers formulated suggestions;&nbsp; (1) Students are expected to be able to utilize this Learning design to improve their learning activities and outcomes;&nbsp; (2) Other teachers can apply this learning design, by examining the weaknesses of the results of this study;&nbsp; (3) Schools can make consideration material as one of the learning design that can be developed to solve learning problems in class;&nbsp; (4) Other researchers can make the results of this study a relevant research study.</em></p> Ni Luh Suartini Copyright (c) 2020-06-25 2020-06-25 3 2 140 154 10.37329/cetta.v3i2.446 Kajian Pendidikan Karakter Dalam Cerita Sundara Kanda http://jayapanguspress.penerbit.org/index.php/cetta/article/view/447 <p><em>Hindu teachings contain a lot about character education, morals, ethics and manners. Moral education can be seen in the story of Sundara Kanda, which is a sub of Itihasa in the Ramayana epic that tells the journey of life with various obstacles and tests that must be faced with full fortitude, strength and determination. Every event that occurs in the Sundara Kanda story is a unified narrative unit in resolving the conflict of every event. The setting in this story uses the setting of Mount Mainaka, Alengka Palace, Taman Angsoka, Kiskinda kingdom. The character is Hanuman who becomes a central figure, then there are goddesses Sitā and Ravana. The accompanying figures are Trijata, Wibisana, Anggada, Jembawan, Sugriwa, Laksmana and Rama. Rahwana as the Antagonist, then there are also giants. His mandate is loyalty and determination in carrying out dharma. Character characters contained in the Sundara Kanda story include characterization displayed through the use of the character's name, through the appearance of the character, and characterization through the author's speech. In accordance with the characters contained in Hindu teachings, namely in the book of Bhagawadgita, the characters in the Sundara Kanda story can be grouped into two characters namely daivi sampad and asuri sampad. The values ​​contained in the character of the Sundara Kanda story include religious, honesty, responsibility, tolerance, discipline, and hard work. As a whole, the character's character value is a national character that should be inculcated and developed to the wider community, in order to shape the attitudes and behavior of a person in carrying out the duties and obligations that should be carried out both towards oneself, the family environment, society, nation and state.</em></p> Ni Made Wiratini Ni Komang Sutriyanti I Gusti Ngurah Sudiana Copyright (c) 2020-06-25 2020-06-25 3 2 155 172 10.37329/cetta.v3i2.447 Analisis Kesalahan Mahasiswa PGSD pada Tugas Aljabar Sederhana Mata Kuliah Konsep Dasar Mapel Matematika SD http://jayapanguspress.penerbit.org/index.php/cetta/article/view/448 <p><em>This study aimed to identify the errors of PGSD students on simple algebra assignments on Basic Concept of Elementary Mathematics Subject at STAHN Mpu Kuturan Singaraja. The subjects of this study were Semester II PGSD students of STAHN Mpu Kuturan Singaraja in the academic year 2019/2020 as many as 11 people. Errors in mathematics in this study were divided into factual errors, procedural errors, and conceptual errors. This type of research was a quantitative descriptive study. The data collection method used was a test. The test instrument used was a concept understanding test to be able to find students' errors. A total of 20 items in the test were validated by two experts with the Lawshe’s CVR technique. The results showed that (1) the general error rate of PGSD study program students on Simple Algebra assignment on Basic Concept of Elementary Mathematics Subject was 30.26% in the low error category, (2) there was the highest error of 43% (error category moderate) and lowest 16% (very low error category), 3) factual errors ranged from 10% - 20% (very low category), 4) procedural errors ranged from 7% - 53% (very low category to medium category), and 5) conceptual errors ranged from 35% - 65% (low to high categories).</em></p> I Komang Sesara Ariyana Copyright (c) 2020-06-25 2020-06-25 3 2 173 183 10.37329/cetta.v3i2.448 Social Organization Educational Through Forum Komunikasi Siswa Hindu (FOKUSH) In Mataram http://jayapanguspress.penerbit.org/index.php/cetta/article/view/449 <p>Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk melakukan kajian terhadap pendidikan organisasi sosial melalui Forum Komunikasi Siswa&nbsp; Hindu (FOKUSH) di Kota Mataram. Para siswa yang bergabung dalam forum tersebut dididik untuk menumbuhkan sikap mental berorganisasi dan sekaligus sebagai media peningkatan kualitas beragama pada&nbsp; remaja&nbsp; Hindu. Penelitian ini dirancang dalam penelitian deskriptif kualitatif. Berdasarkan hasil penelitian ditemukan bahwa eksistensi FOKUSH di Kota Mataram sampai saat ini masih dapat dipertahankan keberadaannya sebagai wahana untuk melakukan komunikasi dan interaksi di kalangan siswa Hindu. Bersamaan dengan itu, para siswa yang ikut aktif dalam FOKUSH memperoleh pendidikan berorganisasi sosial sehingga memiliki pengalaman yang digunakan sebagai bekal menapaki masa depan. Organisasi yang beranggotakan siswa Hindu ini memiliki peran yang sangat penting dalam membantu meningkatkan kesadaran berorganisasi dan meningkatkan kualitas beragama di kalangan para siswa Hindu. Aktivitas yang dilaksanakan oleh FOKUSH dalam rangka untuk aktif berorganisasi dan meningkatkan kualitas pelaksanaan agama Hindu ada beberapa jenis, seperti diskusi-diskusi keagamaan, melaksanakan bakti sosial, melaksanakan kegiatan yang berhubungan dengan <em>sraddha </em>dan <em>bhakti</em>, melaksanakan kegiatan <em>manusa yadnya</em>, melaksanakan kegiatan <em>rsi yadnya</em>, dan sejumlah kegiatan lainnya yang bernuansa peningkatan kesadaran beragama Hindu. Dampak yang ditimbulkan dalam kegiatan-kegiatan yang dilaksanakan oleh FOKUSH Kota Mataram ada dua, yaitu dampak positif dan danpak negatif.</p> I Gusti Komang Kembarawan Copyright (c) 2020-06-25 2020-06-25 3 2 184 204 10.37329/cetta.v3i2.449 Eksistensi Pasraman Dalam Menanamkan Nilai Moral Bagi Umat Hindu http://jayapanguspress.penerbit.org/index.php/cetta/article/view/450 <p><em>Bali Island as a foreign tourist destination, aware or not possible to be affected by the interaction with tourists who come to Bali and cause acculturation of foreign culture with local culture. Acculturation of positive culture enriches local culture while the influence of negative foreign culture can damage, mencedrai and even shift the existence of local culture, for that the necessary antidote to negative foreign culture through education in pasraman. The aim of this study. describe the existence of pasraman Brahma Vidya Samgraha Penarungan Village, Buleleng Regency; Describe the implementation of education in Pasraman Brahma Vidya Samgraha; Penarungan Village, Buleleng Regency; Describing the planting of moral education in the Brahma Vidya Samgraha Penarungan Village, Buleleng Regency. This research uses descriptive-qualitative method with a phenomenological approach. The findings in this study of the existence of Pasraman Brahma Vidya Samgraha are an acculturation of the education system that is the traditional education system and the modern or contemporary education system. The implementation of ceremonies (rituals) through the routine of making ceremonial facilities carried out in pasraman. Conclusion:&nbsp;Pasraman Brahma Vidya Samgraha is a type of non-formal education acculturated with the education system of Color Dormitory Dharma with the transformation of the upanisad learning model based on vedic culture; Pasraman Brahma Vidya Samgraha conducts adult learning (andragogy) with teaching programs in accordance with the level of basic education, middle level education and primary level of education, by applying a varied upanisad learning model; Pasraman Brahma Vidya Samgraha implements moral values ​​in Pasraman as a spiritual commitment through the mutual assistance activities of the sisya in the process of making ceremonies and conducting ceremonies in Pasraman.</em></p> I Putu Suarnaya Copyright (c) 2020-06-25 2020-06-25 3 2 205 218 10.37329/cetta.v3i2.450 Kajian Komunikasi Multikultural dalam Pendidikan http://jayapanguspress.penerbit.org/index.php/cetta/article/view/451 <p><em>In this paper author researcher the study of multicultural communication in education. The used method is qualitative approach which based on literature materials that to examine multicultural communication in education. From the results of this for study auther narrated in descriptive form. It can be concluded that the changing dynamics of education are clearly seen in the vision and mission, the educational objectives in Indonesia until now where have not been fully achieved thus need to be refined. The educational systems are culturally different, but as becomes cultural changes so, education changes to and vice versa the educational system will always be oriented towards cultural change. Education is the process that makes a person enter to culture and make the behaviors which their follow culture. As a complex process, of course the system that can be supported the achievement of the goals of education itself is needed. Development and competence of multicultural teachers. Teachers should understand the cultural differences that exist in students to then make it a professional educator and competent in multicultural development.</em></p> Mutria Farhaeni Copyright (c) 2020-06-25 2020-06-25 3 2 219 240 10.37329/cetta.v3i2.451 Tantangan Dan Peluang Pemanfaatan Teknologi Informasi Dalam Pembelajaran Online Masa Covid-19 http://jayapanguspress.penerbit.org/index.php/cetta/article/view/452 <p><em>This study was conducted to determine the challenges and opportunities for the use of information technology on online learning in STKIP Agama Hindu Amlapura during the Covid-19 pandemic. By using library research methods and survey methods. The samples used in this study were all college students of STKIP Agama Hindu Semester II and Semester IV. The Covid-19 pandemic give a influenced college in Indonesia including the&nbsp; STKIP Agama Hindu Amlapura with Enforcement of physical distancing policy which then becomes the basis of the implementation of online lectures, by using information technology. The most widely used media in online learning at STKIP Agama Hindu Amlapura are Whatshap group and Google Classroom because these application is very easy to use. But there are some problem such as the lacking facilities. Based on the survey results, 50% of students do not have a laptops, and 80% of students are difficult to get signals and wasteful in using a data plan because many students live far from urban areas. The study was not effective because as many as 61.5% of students stated they never used online learning media before the co-19 pandemic. But the fact by using online learning is a trigger for the acceleration of the process of digital transformation of Indonesian education.&nbsp; Before pandemic some of discourse, supporting policies, and socialization about the era of education 4.0 was not successful. But Covid-19 give an extraordinary impact on digital transformation towards the educational era 4.0.</em></p> Ni Komang Suni Astini Copyright (c) 2020-06-25 2020-06-25 3 2 241 255 10.37329/cetta.v3i2.452 Pendidikan Karakter Dalam Satua Anak Agung Di Mesir http://jayapanguspress.penerbit.org/index.php/cetta/article/view/453 <p><em>Over the past few years, the government has given a spesific attention to the character education due to its main purpose to develop good and right behaviour for the students since their early age. To achieve this, one of them is through education. In Bali, according to the concept of its society, education is translated by local values in a simple way, such as learning while travelling, learning while singing, learning while playing a game and so on. The Balinese folklore (Satua) is an implementation of Hindu values which give an understanding on conscience and behaviour to the children since early age. This research is a qualitative research using the hermeneutics method. Bali has many literary heritages which are full of the value of character education, one of them is Satua Bali. Among the many Satua that are available, Satua that will be used is Satua I Nengah Tinggen's with titled Anak Agung di Mesir. He is one of the Balinese literary maestros. The study of this folklore refers to six pillars of character proposed by SD Westwood, covers trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, caring, citizenship, and fairness. It can be concluded that Satua is somewhat effectively used as a character education media because it contains the values ​​of character education needed for the nation's character development and can be taught early with Satua.</em></p> A. A. Diah Indrayani I Kadek Widiantana Copyright (c) 2020-06-25 2020-06-25 3 2 256 269 10.37329/cetta.v3i2.453 Pendidikan Karakter di Lingkungan Keluarga Selama Pembelajaran Jarak Jauh pada Masa Pandemi COVID-19 http://jayapanguspress.penerbit.org/index.php/cetta/article/view/454 <p><em>COVID-19 provides a bad life for human life. All activities become inhibited and limited. Similarly in the field of education. Students must learn and do their activities at home. But this can be a good development for the development of the character of education in Family Environment. Thus the purpose of this research is to study whether research studies while at home are accompanied by parents who are able to develop character education, that is the first. Second, to find out what character values ​​can be developed during learning at home. Third, to find out the cause of developing with these character values. This study used qualitative research method. With case studies on kindergarten and elementary school students in Kecamatan Marga. Data obtained by distributing questionnaires to students, parents and teachers through the Whatsapp group of teachers and parents of students. Also strengthened by interview data on students, parents and teachers. The results showed differences in the development of character education and the relationship between children and parents that were quite good during learning from this house. Character values ​​that can be developed from activities carried out by students at home are (1) Religious, (2) Disciplinary, (3) Creative, (4) Independent, (5) Responsibility, and (6) Curiosity. The development of these character values ​​is the result of the synergy of teachers and parents in guiding students with gratitude, engaging, carrying out positive activities together in this COVID-19 pandemic.</em></p> I Putu Yoga Purandina I Made Astra Winaya Copyright (c) 2020-06-25 2020-06-25 3 2 270 290 10.37329/cetta.v3i2.454 The Effect of Numbered Heads Together Method to the Students’ Ability in Writing Recount Text http://jayapanguspress.penerbit.org/index.php/cetta/article/view/455 <p><em>Penelitian ini adalah penelitian tentang pengaruh metode </em>numbered head together<em> terhadap kemampuan siswa dalam menulis teks </em>recount<em> kelas IX di SMP N 2 Siantar. Penelitian ini dimaksudkan untuk menjawab masalah ini; Apa efek dari menggunakan metode </em>numbered head together<em> terhadap kemampuan siswa dalam menulis teks </em>recount<em> kelas IX di SMP N 2 Siantar? Untuk memecahkan masalah, </em><em>para peneliti meggunakan&nbsp;beberapa teori yang mendukung penelitian: Bryne dan Nunan (2003), Zemach dan Rumisek (2003), Kendall dan Khuon (2006), Kagan (1994), Knapp (2005), Lie (2002)dan Herman (2014). Metodologi yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah penelitian kuantitatif. Data untuk penelitian ini dikumpulkan dari kelas IX di SMP N 2 Siantar. Peneliti menggunakan dua kelas sebagai sampel, di mana satu kelas adalah kelompok eksperimen dan yang lainnya adalah kelompok kontrol. Instrumen untuk mengumpulkan data adalah dengan tes menulisteks </em>recount<em> untuk kedua kelompok dimana </em><em>bahan ujian diambil dari materi pelajaran yang diajarkan kepada siswa. Data dianalisis dengan menerapkan </em>t-count<em>. Ditemukan bahwa t = hitung 2,25 dan </em>t-tabel<em> pada tingkat signifikansi p = 0,05 dan df = 56, Nx = Ny-2; 28 + 28 - 2 = 56. Hasil analisis menunjukkan bahwa nilai t-hitung lebih tinggi dari nilai t-tabel (2,25&gt; 1,76). </em><em>Penelitian ini memyimpulkan bahwa metode </em>numbered head together<em> memiliki pengaruh signifikan terhadap kemampuan siswa dalam menulis teks recout kelas IX di SMP N 2 Siantar. Sarannya adalah guru harus menggunakan metode </em>numbered head together<em> dalam mengajar bahasa Inggris terutama dalam mengajar menulis teks </em>recount<em> untuk meningkatkan kemampuan siswa</em><em>.</em></p> Hilman Pardede Herman Herman Copyright (c) 2020-06-25 2020-06-25 3 2 291 303 10.37329/cetta.v3i2.455 Pentingnya Mendesain Pembelajaran Menuju Pendidikan Berkualitas http://jayapanguspress.penerbit.org/index.php/cetta/article/view/456 <p><em>This article aims to put forward the learning design so that learning runs well, accompanied by anticipatory steps to minimize the gaps that occur so that learning activities achieve the goals set. The writing of this article uses the literature study method taken from various sources about learning. A teacher needs to have the ability to design and implement a variety of learning strategies that are considered suitable with the interests, talents and in accordance with the level of student development, including utilizing various sources and learning media to ensure the effectiveness of learning. The essence of learning design is the determination of optimal learning methods to achieve the stated goals. There is no learning model that can provide the most effective recipe for developing a learning program. The determination of the design model to develop a learning program depends on the designer's consideration of the model to be used or chosen. The educational process is a series of efforts to guide, direct the potential of human life in the form of basic abilities and personal lives as individual and social creatures and in their relationship with the natural surroundings to become responsible individuals.</em></p> I Made Putra Aryana Copyright (c) 2020-06-25 2020-06-25 3 2 304 318 10.37329/cetta.v3i2.456 Nilai-Nilai Pendidikan Dalam Upacara Wetonan Pada Masyarakat Hindu Etnis Jawa http://jayapanguspress.penerbit.org/index.php/cetta/article/view/457 <p><em>The theme of this study is wetonan that discusses the values of tattva, ethics, and ceremonies. The Java society still implement it especially for children, while for adults it is rarely implemented. The research carried out for the purpose of knowing the values of Hindu education contained in a wetonan ceremony. This studi uses qualitative methods that produce descriptive data. The result of this study that in the ceremony of the wetonan contain of Hindu educations values, include: Tattva, ethics, and ceremonies that can be known from the aspect of the offerings, prayers, and spells are used.</em></p> Duwi Oktaviana Copyright (c) 2020-06-25 2020-06-25 3 2 319 332 10.37329/cetta.v3i2.457 Internalisasi Pendidikan Karakter Pada Anak Usia Dini Dalam Keluarga Hindu Di Desa Timpag Kabupaten Tabanan http://jayapanguspress.penerbit.org/index.php/cetta/article/view/458 <p><em>This study aims to determine the internalization of character education in early childhood in Hindu families in the village of Timpag, Kerambitan District, Tabanan Regency. Talking about child psychology is talking about how to educate children right from an early age. Because early childhood has potential that still needs to be developed and has certain characteristics that are unique and not the same as adults, they are always active, dynamic, enthusiastic and curious about what they see, hear, feel, as if they never stop explore and learn. The method used in this research is qualitative with descriptive research type. Primary data sources were obtained by interviewing informants, secondary data sources were obtained from literature, literature and documentation studies.</em></p> <p><em>Based on the results of research on internalization of character education in early childhood in a Hindu family in the village of Timpag is by a) Formation of the character of children in a Hindu family by building a family without violence is one effective solution to make a child feel comfortable, peaceful, peaceful at home, b) Early childhood care patterns in the family by building children's attitudes including training children to have a bold attitude, honest and other attitudes, build emotions of children who are not easily angry, quarreling, lazy and so on. Building the intelligence and will of the child to build communication between children and fellow children and parents, c) Understanding the psychology of children as a key understanding of education related to mental development and personality of the child, after physical needs are met-fulfilled then the child's needs will increase towards social needs and love obtained through interaction, both with parents (family) community and at school, d) Parents as educators and must send their children to school because the successful role of parents as educators is the formation of children who are nimble, clever, empowered good effort.</em></p> I Made Gami Sandi Untara Ayu Veronika Somawati Copyright (c) 2020-06-25 2020-06-25 3 2 333 358 10.37329/cetta.v3i2.458 Metode Membentuk Kesehatan Mental Siswa Melalui Kegiatan Ice Breaking http://jayapanguspress.penerbit.org/index.php/cetta/article/view/459 <p><em>Students' mental healt has decreased as a result of stress, depression, lack of rest time and high learning load. Then the best method is needed to reduce the poor of students' mental healt. Ice breaking is one of the methods in building students' mentality. The purpose of this study is to find out the right ice breaking technique in an effort to grow student mentality and the benefits of the application of ice breaking. In Technique Data analysis, used techniques with qualitative descriptive analysis. The conclusion of this study is, ice breaking is one of method that can be used to help the mental build&nbsp; of students so that students can follow the learning process with enthusiasm, fun and mentality of students formed properly.</em></p> I Gusti Ayu Adi Rahayuni Copyright (c) 2020-06-25 2020-06-25 3 2 359 370 10.37329/cetta.v3i2.459 Nilai Pendidikan Agama Hindu Dalam Lontar Siwa Sasana http://jayapanguspress.penerbit.org/index.php/cetta/article/view/460 <p><em>Hinduism in addition to giving teachings also guides its people to achieve happiness and harmonize their lives physically and spiritually. Efforts to maintain the preservation of Religion can be done through strengthening education in the field of religion. For people in Bali this is the basic capital as a mental and spiritual driving force and is a guide, guide and impetus in humans to achieve a better and perfect quality of life. The teachings of Hinduism are based on the Vedic scriptures, but also in secondary books, one of which is the ancient manuscripts in the form of Lontar. Dealing with this, the author intends to examine in depth in terms of the value of Hindu religious education for a lontar, namely lontar "Shiva Sasana" which is a religious literary work that is currently only in demand by a small portion of the community or less attention from the younger generation of Hindus. Theories used to solve research problems are convergence theory and value theory. This research is in the form of a qualitative design with data collected with literature study techniques and interpretive methods. After the data collected the data were analyzed with descriptive analysis techniques. The teachings contained in the Lontar Shiva Sasana based on the writer's findings include the teachings of Shivaism and the teachings of the Trikaya Parisudha&nbsp; and the values ​​contained in the Lontar Shiva Sasana&nbsp; include the ethical values ​​and devotional values.</em></p> Ida Bagus Putu Eka Suadnyana I Putu Ariyasa Darmawan Copyright (c) 2020-06-25 2020-06-25 3 2 371 391 10.37329/cetta.v3i2.460